Alighieri AW22 - "The eye of the storm" emerald ring

The Eye of the Storm Ring belongs to the AW22 collection - ‘Untitled’. ‘Untitled’ explores the power of body language to express emotion, in a world where words are often not enough. The use of body language dates back to prehistoric times, much like jewellery. Before the existence of language, we drew on objects and gestures to tell our stories. These universal tools know no barriers, religions or borders. ‘Untitled’ is an anthology of gestures, body languages and unspoken truths. The Eye of the Storm Ring celebrates the verdant green emerald. A symbol of rebirth, the gemstone is set in Alighieri's signature textured recycled silver. Each cabochon is completely unique and invites you to draw on the energy from its abundant green world. Wear it to bring you vitality and good fortune on all your adventures.

The Eye of the Storm Emerald Ring, is handcrafted from 100% recycled sterling silver and a green emerald cabochon stone, in Hatton Garden, London. 

Measurements of settings

Length: 1.3cm

Width: 1.1cm

Weight: 5.8

Green Emerald Cabochon country of origin: Brazil

Please note, each green emerald cabochon is completely unique and tells their own story, so they may vary in colour and shape.