Frama - Shelf Library Stainless Steel H1084 | Desk Section

Shelf Library Stainless Steel is a natural extension of Frama’s Shelf Library universe. Characterized by a modular system and fastened with solid steel screws on stainless steel rails, the shelves can be easily placed and re-styled in a variety of ways.

Functional and spacious, the Desk Section can be used as a home office as well as a unit to display and store your everyday objects.

Product details:
– Comes ready to mount
– Each shelf can hold 25 kg (depending on wall material and mounting)
– Flexible: each shelf can be moved around and the system can be customised with FRAMA add-ons

Section includes
– 2 x Rails H108.4 cm
– 2 x Shelves D20 / W80 cm with brackets
– 1 x Desk D40 / W80 cm with brackets

– Stainless steel shelves, rails, and screws

– Kim Richardt, 2020
– Permanent Collection